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Red Nose Day

Posted on: 24th March 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

The week began with the Charity Committee being out and about at break and lunch selling Red Noses – there was an overwhelming response and we sold out very quickly! Our minds then swiftly turned to the individual dress ‘themes’ for the day. There was a definite buzz surrounding the outfits for the day including the staff too! Year 7 donned their PJs and onesies, Year 8 dressed as geeks and nerds, Year 9’s theme was ‘Coachella’ (festival wear!) and football kits, Year 10 went for a sophisticated ‘black and white’ look whilst Year 11 went all out and competed for the biggest and wildest full on fancy dress outfit!

The week before Red Nose Day, the Charity Committee led a whole Academy assembly informing the school of our plans and the themes for each Year Group. We also set the Academy a fundraising target of £850 and we were determined to achieve it! Every student donated £1 the morning of Red Nose Day and along with the Red Nose sales, we were creeping closer to our target. We were also helped by the Interact Club led by Mrs D Sewell, who baked and sold cakes during break and lunch time and who then kindly donated their takings towards Red Nose Day.

There was a real Stoke spirit throughout the whole day, and every person did their bit.

The day culminated with a whole Academy extended assembly which saw a range of highly entertaining events and acts presented to the whole school in aid of Comic Relief! One section of the assembly was dedicated to world record breaking! Mr P Tankard challenged two Year 11’s to the number of push ups with claps that could be completed in one minute. Mrs W Huckfield attempted to break the record for the number of M&Ms that can be caught in her mouth in 30 seconds and Mr L Jordan and Mr R Moxon tried to beat the record for number of leap frog jumps in one minute! Needless to say, nobody broke any records that day!

The assembly also included our very own ‘Strictly Stoke’ dance off! Mr A Park, Mr L Jordan, Mr R Moxon, Mrs S Hutchison, Mrs C Welsby and Mrs D Le Marrec, along with their Year 11 partners, spent two weeks in training almost every lunch time leading up to the assembly! There certainly were lots of giggles (and hard work!) as they learnt the choreography to Little Mix’s “Shout out to my ex”. Stoke’s ‘cheer-o-meter’ was working in full force on the day, as we decided the winners. After a final dance off between Mrs C Welsby and Cody, Mr L Jordan and Molly it was Mr L Jordan and Molly who were crowned the ‘Strictly Stoke’ winners!

As the assembly came to a close, we reflected on why we raise money for Comic Relief and the help it provides. There was a real Stoke spirit on this day, not just in the assembly but throughout the whole day and every person did their bit. Special mention needs to go to Ieva who completed a sponsored silence and Josh who shaved all his hair off, both in year 11 who raised almost £100 between them.

Days following Red Nose Day we were still collecting money in and eagerly awaiting to see if we had hit our target. I am so pleased to announce that not only did we meet our target, we also beat it! Stoke managed to raise an impressive £894.15. A huge “Thank You” to everyone for your efforts and contributing to this amazing amount!

After such a successful two terms of charity events, the Charity Committee are turning their attention to a local charity for our last project of the year. Listen out for details – we plan on resurrecting the old Stoke High School – Ormiston Academy sponsored walk! Who will raise the most money? Who will complete it in the quickest time? Let’s aim high once again!

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