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Alumni news

Stoke High Ormiston Academy has a thriving alumni community engaging both this year’s leavers and former students who have lost touch – using a secure online platform to support that connection.

Alumni can prove to students that ‘someone like me’ can succeed and prosper.

Our alumni community has two distinctive strengths: relatability and sustainability. Having grown up in the same area and perhaps having had some of the same teachers, former students are ideal role models as they are instantly relatable. They can offer advice to students from their own context.

Within our alumni community, there is a host of potential career and education role models, and this list increases each year as our Year 11 school leavers join the growing community of volunteers. The list of possibilities is endless and new innovative ways of working with alumni are developing everyday:

  • Role Models
  • Mentors
  • Supporting the Curriculum
  • Work Placements
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraisers
  • Supporting Careers Events

If you are an ex-student and would like to be a part of our alumni network, please contact our Careers Advisor, Mrs Toogood at

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Alumni Avenue

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