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High Attaining Students (HATs)

At Stoke High School – Ormiston Academy we are committed to meeting the needs and interests of all students and providing an education that will enable each student to realise their full potential, including our High Attaining Students (HATs). These students are offered a wide range of challenging activities and targeted support to enhance their learning.

High Attaining Students are offered a wide range of challenging activities and targeted support to enhance their learning.

Provision includes extension tasks as part of the curriculum and enrichment opportunities beyond lesson time. We are committed to teaching and learning strategies that support all students and challenge the most able, and we provide regular professional development to staff. Lessons include regular opportunities for extension in depth and in level of challenge. Students are encouraged to develop problem-solving and higher-order skills, and teachers use a variety of teaching styles to cater for learners’ individual needs.

By providing effective provision for the most able, standards can be raised for all students. Our provision aims to create a challenging and supportive teaching environment which promotes personalised learning and a learning culture where expectations are high and students can become increasingly responsible for their own learning. Progress is regularly reviewed to ensure all students are on course to achieve their targets.

Students are also encouraged to participate in enrichment activities such as Mathematics Challenge, new subjects like Latin, and Young Enterprise days where our high attaining students work in leadership roles. This year we hope to continue to offer individual and group sessions and events to develop and celebrate our more able students’ achievements, and to help them refine their study skills, understand how they learn best and show how to aim for the top grades.


Identification of high achieving students is made through Key Stage 2 data. If a student in Year 6 has an average score in reading and maths above a Level 4 (105 points) they are considered a high achiever.

We started some new strategies last year. These are outlined below.

Outline of objectives

Year One – academic year 2017–18

  • Term 1: HATs are identified and acknowledged by staff with “Stretch and Challenge” activities incorporated in lessons. Extended homework projects in KS3.
  • Term 2: “Thunks” and Challenge. Extended homework projects in KS3.
  • Term 3: Enrichment activities in core subjects. Extended homework projects in KS3.

Each member of the teaching staff has been given the following during Term 1:

  • Bookmarks identifying HATs across the school.
  • Booklet of strategies to enhance the HAT experience in the classroom.
  • Sticker for each HATs exercise book identifying ways they can excel during lessons.

Year Two – academic year 2018–19

After a very successful year embedding these strategies into our curriculum we are looking forward to continuing the hard work this year. The emphasis this year is on the students themselves; recognising their attributes and creating a HATs hub community where they can talk to each other and encourage a positive attitude towards extending and challenging themselves through their education.

  • Term 1: HATs assemblies “getting to know your fellow HATS.” Introducing a buddy system through Years 7–10.
  • Term 2: Enrichment activities across the curriculum.
  • Term 3: Paired project work.